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The La Comunión Project

One of our most recent releases is a radiant single-origin, Honduras La Comunión. In addition to being a delicious cup full of dried fruit and lemon-lime acidity, there's a beautiful story of collaboration and humanity behind it. Check out Xavier's (Metric Coffee Co.'s Co-Owner & Sourcer) side of developing this new offering in tow with our producing partners of Honduras. Enjoy!



"La Comunión was born out of a visit to one of our favorite producing groups in Colombia, Azahar. Their pickers project (Los Recolectores) is lead with a simple mission: to pay smallholders microlot pricing for a single-origin, community blend. This program incentivizes smallholders to take a % of their profits to pay higher daily rates to their pickers (in this case, usually each other's neighbors). In addition to offering more support to one another, paying pickers adequately for their hard work helps maintain and build a high level of quality. After several years of bearing witness of the direct impact this program had in this community, it became clear to me the importance that we can make by replicating this program at other origins.

With that in mind, I connected with our good friend, Benjamin Paz, whom we've had a great relationship since 2015 harvest! He helped us create a Santa Barbara community blender project with a group of producers already in our fold. The result: La Comunión, a new project focusing our efforts with 3 of our current producing partners (Alma Pineda, Dionisio Rivera & Cecilio Aguilar) and giving us the ability to purchase their crops in their entirety while also ensuring a minimum price paid to the producer of $4.00 F.O.B.

For Metric, the goal of La Comunión is multi-faceted. Bulking coffees from smallholders allows us to purchase entire crops; this guarantees higher premiums with the understanding that the increase in pay will result in better payment to the picker. On the flavor-side, this project allows us to craft a regional blend based on variety and processing, resulting in a profile with uniqueness and quality of a single origin at the consistency of a blender for what will be a surefire crowd favorite"


Field Report: Coffee with Nelson Chaves

A couple of weeks ago Harris (Wholesale Manager & Educator) joined Xavier (Co-founder & Green Buyer) for an origin trip down to Colombia! While there, the two spent time with several of our producing partners. Harris had a special encounter with Nelson Chaves though– one of our favorite producers for his amazing coffees and his affinity for his Chicago Bears hat. To celebrate their connection, Harris wrote the following op-ed outlining the visit. Enjoy!  

David Flores Lot #2

Years ago David Flores’ grandparents moved from the southern, Andean area of Cajamarca north, settling near the San Ignacio region. They established a little pocket of their own where they raised livestock and various crops. Now, remaining in the secluded Diamante, David Flores continues the family trade established generations ago. At only 24, David upholds traditions on his remote, six-hectare farm, El Morito. In our second year sourcing from El Morito, we're once again enthusiastically impressed by David’s ambitious craft and crop.

While the majority of his contemporaries leave farming and moving to various cities, David is a proven exception who meticulously and proudly tends to his yellow caturra and typica coffee shrubs. “I want to be the world’s best,” Flores shared with Xavier on Metric’s last visit to David’s boutique set-up. There, David practices organic-like farming (along with his neighboring farmers) for long-term preservation of the surrounding Amazonia. Flores’ coffee is handpicked and fully washed through a process that yields just 1600 lbs in 7 days.

This second lot from Flores is also 100% yellow caturra. Due to less fermentation time and skin contact, Lot #2 possesses a cleaner profile that shines bright and with clarity. Popping with a plum, stone-fruit acidity, vanilla and orange blossom notes zip across this crisp cup.

Try David's second lot, here.