Limited Release: Nicaragua El Esfuerzo CoE


  • Limited Release: Nicaragua El Esfuerzo CoE
  • Limited Release: Nicaragua El Esfuerzo CoE

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Situated in a long valley within Nicaragua is its capital department, Jinotega, where 80% of Nicaragua coffee grows. Amongst the majority, Ignacio Burgo (or as he prefers "Nacho)" tends to a modest oasis producing some of the country's best coffee. Nacho maybe the first farmer in his family, but over the last twenty years, he's poured meticulous efforts into his land, aptly named "El Esfuerzo" (the effort), developing award-winning coffee.

Last year, Nacho went to Nicaragua's heralded Cup of Excellence for the first time...and won first place. This year he returned with this washed maracaturra and again placed in the top-10, a highly uncommon sight. We're incredibly excited to receive a limited portion of the small amount a group of American roasters teamed together to bring stateside.

When asked how he's grown his farm tenfold and produced such fantastic coffees, Nacho humbly states that there's no secret "just pick well, sort well, and wash well." Nacho's efforts are abundantly clear through the delicacy and complexity of this radiant coffee. Notes of nectarine and maple pop while underlying tamarind notes lingers for an all-around rich, satisfying experience.

Notes: Nectarine, Tamarind, Maple

*Due to the limited nature of this coffee, it will only be roasted on Wednesdays.

Ignacio Estrada Burgo
1,300-1,400 masl

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