TDWP x Metric Coffee Bag & Mug Combo (Sold Out)

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  • TDWP x Metric Coffee Bag & Mug Combo (Sold Out)
  • TDWP x Metric Coffee Bag & Mug Combo (Sold Out)
  • TDWP x Metric Coffee Bag & Mug Combo (Sold Out)
  • TDWP x Metric Coffee Bag & Mug Combo (Sold Out)
  • TDWP x Metric Coffee Bag & Mug Combo (Sold Out)

This product is currently sold out.

The conversation started with a mutual friend of ours, Anthony Barlich, who is not only the loveliest of humans but also a very talented photographer. A while back I took notice of Anthony's photography of The Devil Wears Prada, which is the nucleus of why this collaboration was born. Anthony and Mike have known one another for years, and Anthony pitched the idea of doing a co-branded bag. I never expected anything to happen. Not even a day after Anthony shot Mike an email, Mike shot back with a resounding "HELL YES" and we set up a quick tasting and meet up. That initial meeting was more to connect over who we are as people and shared what we personally enjoy about coffee. Needless to say, a bond was formed and we got the nod to take things to the next step.

Next was a cupping with the entire band with Anthony snapping photos. Not knowing the rest of the guys, I had deduced that they might opt to chose a blend but was pleasantly surprised that every single one of these guys absolutely love single origin coffees. The result of that cupping was a coffee that I consider to be unique, complex, and layered, much like TDWP's music. That coffee is Colombia Yacuanquer. After the cupping was done, their choice was unanimous and the design duties were passed off to Micah who married both of our brand elements in to one final, sleek bag. 

This collaboration is not only exiting but is so close to my heart. I value TDWP's art and approach to music and also find them to be the most down to earth (sub)humans which has made this an incredibly enjoyable experience. We invite you to share in this experience and hope you enjoy our collective effort, preferably as you listen to their latest album "Transit Blues"


Note: Product is priced at $35 plus $7 shipping and handling. One combo per customer and only ships in the United States. 

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