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Peru Dionisio Pintado

Peru Dionisio Pintado

Peru Dionisio Pintado

"It's rare to experience something as special as this coffee. Peru isn't typically thought of when it comes to geishas, so this coffee sets a standard. Its flavors are indicative of a blossoming coffee country with pineapple and lime acidity and a subtle toasted almond sweetness. Dionisio Pintado really outdid himself, and I can't wait to compete with [share] this coffee!"
-Dom, Metric Coffee Co. Barista, Educator, & USCC Competitor


Region: San Ignacio [Ihuamaca]
Farm: Agua Cristalina
Producer: Dionisio Pintado
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Variety: Geisha
Notes: Orange Zest, Limeade, Toasted Almond


Only 25  8oz bags available!**


**Due to limited quantity and to preserve the most optimal quality, this coffee will only be roasted once a week [while supplies last!]. Orders will be shipped based on this weekly roast date.