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Thank you for your interest in working with Metric. As an independently owned Specialty Coffee Roaster, we bring years of experience in coffee sourcing, roasting, quality control, education and consulting. You can expect nothing less than warm interactions with our staff, on-going education, and delicious Single Origin & Blended coffees to create memorable experiences. Please fill out the form, email us at, or call 312-982-2196. We’d love to hear from you.

Cold Brew Moto

We partnered with our neighbor, Federal Moto, to create a one-of-a-kind Cold Brew motorcycle. The bike, a 1972 Honda CB350, was stripped and fully refurbished from the ground up along with a custom built sidecar which houses two removable coolers: one for cans and the other for nitro and regular cold brew.

**The Cold Brew Moto will return in Spring 2023!**


We offer full-service, mobile espresso set-ups to cups of hot and cold brewed coffee. Let us know when and where your event is taking place, how many people you are expecting, and for how long the event will run.

Lead time: We require 48-hour notice for most packages. Events needing staffing/custom labeling often require a minimum 3-week lead time to ensure we can fully prepare.


As coffee buyers and roasters, we are the most privileged participants in the supply chain. We have the power to pay a meaningful or a menial price, as well as the power to turn that same product around and sell it for a margin well beyond what a producer earns. We believe that by including you in our efforts to explain what some of these systems mean, you can gain a better understanding of how complex, emotional, rewarding, and heartbreaking coffee can be. 

Source Code

Source Code focuses on showcasing the inner working of coffee sourcing, transparency, and sustainability. Geared toward readers who are critical of their love for Specialty Coffee, this inaugural issue covers many of their questions regarding origin, shipping, and pricing.

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Transparency Report

In our efforts to champion quality, transparency and sustainability we have gathered data from our 2020 green coffee purchasing and are now making it available for your review.

As Coffee Roasters, we have the power to both pay a menial or meaningful price for your morning cup and this document is our effort in inviting you to take part in this very important conversation.

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