Colombia Chaves Father and Son

Single Origin

Colombia Chaves Father and Son

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This coffee was grown by father Bernardo and son Nelson Chaves. Their farms lie next to each other high in the mountains of Yacuanquer In southern Colombia. Each is planted with the Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varieties found in this lot. These come together to produce a cup that is full of citrus, red grape acidity, and a sweetness like brown sugar. 

When Metric first began buying coffee from Nelson in 2016, his father was selling into the commercial market.This kept Bernardo’s costs of production low, but also kept his profits limited. Nelson took the risk of increasing his investment in his own farm. He spent time and money on quality improvements, eventually earning large premiums for his amazing coffee. After watching the success of his son, Bernardo was inspired to step out of the commercial market and join the pursuit of high quality. We immediately enjoyed the fruits of their labor and now purchase the full specialty production of both farms. 

The Father and Son Blend celebrates the collaboration within the Chaves family. It is inspiring to see generations working together to improve upon the work of those that paved the way.