Costa Rica Solis y Cordero Cinnamon Anaerobic

Single Origin

Costa Rica Solis y Cordero Cinnamon Anaerobic

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An exciting special process project just in time for the season. This Catuai and Caturra lot from husband and wife team Javier Solis and Alejandra Cordero has a soft, silky texture and expresses itself as a complex cup of big juicy red fruit, dark chocolate with a kiss of cinnamon on the aroma and finish.

Collected from small farms in an area known as El Vapor, the cherries are then processed at their mill Santa Fe in Tarrazu. Javier, a licensed Q grader and expert at experimental processes, ferments the cherries in an oxygen free environment alongside cinnamon, before drying them on the mills raised beds.

The intense fruit sweetness and acidity associated with high end anaerobic and natural coffees balanced with the sweet spiced flavors of winter baked goods play harmoniously in the same cup. Certain to please both fans of experimental processes and folks looking for a warm comforting cup alike, we’re excited to offer this on our menu for the first time this year.