Peru Augustina Villanueva Coronel - click for roast schedule info


Peru Augustina Villanueva Coronel - click for roast schedule info

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Expo Cajamarca is a competition held in Northern Peru highlighting some of the best coffees produced in that region. Metric had the honor of participating in the auction for the winners this year and we were lucky enough to secure the winning lot. This coffee is composed of washed Caturra and Bourbon varieties grown by Augustina Villanueva Coronel. 

When Augustina heard about the competition on a local radio ad, she was compelled to enter her coffee to see how it measured up against other producers in the region. She never imagined that her coffee would score 90.43 points, earning 1st place. 

Augustina’s farm, La Lacuma, sits at an altitude of 1,850 meters in the district of Huabal. This high altitude region experiences periods of cool weather which slows the maturation of coffee cherries. This slow maturation lends to increased complexity and intensity of flavor in the cup. Like most farmers in this region, Augustina and her family subsist on their coffee income along with other fruits and vegetables to sell in the local market, however, out of everything she grows- coffee is what she is most passionate about. 

So what’s next for Doña Augustina? With her prize earnings she plans to invest in the infrastructure of her farm- making improvements in both her land and equipment in the hopes that she can achieve consistently high qualities year after year.  Higher qualities that would produce a higher income to re-invest in what matters most- her family and farm. 

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