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Cupping allows our talented QC team to keep tabs on the development of all our coffees. At least three times a week, these talented humans enter the lab with precise doses, ready spoons, and some loud slurps. All to calibrate our tasters (and our coffees), making sure all the brews headed to your mug are radiant!

Every Friday morning at 10:30, we invite YOU to join our QC team! It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or first-time cupper. These casual public gatherings are an open forum where we look to educate and collaborate with our community on this essential coffee practice.

Please arrive promptly at 10:30 and check-in at the café counter; the first ten guests will be admitted. RSVP's not required but appreciated.

(If a specific date works for you, shoot us a message, and we'll save you a spot!) 


Our QC is taking our public cupping on the road! As part of our La Marzocco May Residency, Harris & Jess will be holding our weekly cupping at the LM Café. If you're in Seattle, come out.