Burundi Ninga 10 Special Lot

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  • Burundi Ninga 10 Special Lot
  • Burundi Ninga 10 Special Lot
  • Burundi Ninga 10 Special Lot

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The Burundi province of Kayanza consists of a series of rolling hills. High altitude and plenty of rain are a constant in this region, but the area enjoys a great diversity in flavor attributed to each hill’s micro-climate. Ninga Hill refers to a specific lot brought to us through the Bukeye Washing Station. We were immediately attracted to this lot because of its remarkable balance and complexity. Floral and sweet like many east African coffees, we detect subtle notes of hibiscus and apple swirled together within a light and vibrant body. The consistently beautiful profile is the result of the virtue of the bean combined with meticulous processing techniques that come from being a Special Select coffee. “Special Select” means that added attention is given to the picking process—additional floating tests ensure that only the ripest cherries of ideal density comprise the final lot. Even given these extra-careful processing measures, this coffee still enamors and surprises us. It is a pleasure to introduce the Ninga 10 Special Select to Metric’s offerings.

About the Producers

The ideal climate and elevation of Burundi lends itself to quality beans, but as most specialty coffee roasters know, it is about the processing that can really make or break a coffee. That’s what makes this lot so special. The Bukeye Washing Station is built and owned by Ben and Kristy Carlson. An American family that made themselves a part of the community with their Long Miles Coffee Project, Ben and Kristy farm alongside locals to produce outstanding coffees. They are committed to their community by helping farmers better understand how to grow this crop, by using organic and sustainable farming methods, and by focusing on employing women in the industry. Burundi has overcome a history of civil conflict, and is determined not to be left behind in the world of coffee. It is important to partner with people who share resources and knowledge—these tools are vital not only in producing outstanding coffees, but in building better futures for the people who live and work within this unique and promising country.


Cupping Notes:

Orange, Honey, Stone Fruit

Kayanza - Ninga Hill
Heirloom Bourbon, Jackson Hybrid
Long Miles Coffee Project
1770 masl
Fully Washed

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