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Rubiela Torres' farm, La Peña, situates right on the border of two Nariño municipalities: Providencia and Samaniego. Geographically La Peña settles within Colombia's renowned thermal floors allowing for year-round farming. While historically this particular area has had complex ties to criminal activity, Torres' La Peña operates as part of a recent movement in the region cultivating coffee, bananas, plantains, and a new precedent.

In particular, Rubiela has been farming citrus and bananas for almost fifteen years; however, only recently she started using La Peña's idealistic farmland for growing specialty coffee after being encouraged by her neighbors and the Café Occidente Nariño Cooperative. Growing Colombia varietal, Torres picked the lot, then washed and fermented it with a 14-hour process, and lastly dried the coffee on patios for six days.

This first (but hopefully not last) purchase from Torres is a coffee resulting in a perfect encapsulation of traditional Colombian flavors. The cup balances apple acidity and cherry sweetness finishing with round cane sugar.

Notes: Cherry | Apple | Cane Sugar 


Rubiela Torres
1,800 masl

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