Decaf Halo Hartume

Single Origin

Decaf Halo Hartume

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Decaf Halo Hartume expresses vivid acidity balanced with deep soft sweetness that make it a classic example of the best of Ethiopian coffee. Well picked heirloom varietals are naturally processed to give pink lemonade and nectarine flavors and crisp juicy finish which has us going back for cup after cup. 

Halo Hartume is then carefully decaffeinated. Using a natural component of sugarcane fermentation - ethyl acetate (EA) - the caffeine is gently removed from the coffee. We find that EA process decafs retain the best characteristics of the starting lot and result in the most flavorful final cup. The care put into EA processing of specialty coffee ends in decaf coffees that are often indiscernible from their caffeinated peers. 

This is one of the first Ethiopian specialty decaf lots available using EA processing and we are excited to be able to share it with you. 

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