Ethiopia Raro Nansebo

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Ethiopia Raro Nansebo

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We are thrilled to offer this truly stellar naturally processed lot from Uraga, in the Guji region of Ethiopia. It delivers all the fruit forward flavors that are expected of a natural, but is full of fresh pops of acidity, with a florality that only the finest coffees from Ethiopia deliver. Balanced, sweet, and complex, it will have you coming back for more. 

This is our first year buying coffee from Sookoo coffee, an Ethiopian export company. When we mentioned to Tim Hill, our import partner, about our interest in purchasing more natural coffees this year, He was quick to recommend that we sample what Sookoo had available. We were very impressed with the quality, and quickly purchased two lots. This lot, the first of our selections, represents what the regional profile has to offer: vibrant, clean and intense coffees. Look for a single farmer lot from the same region later this year.  

Ture Waji, Eegata Alaka, and Fedhesa Wodessa are from the same extended family that is very well known in Guji for coffee. Much of the family has been in Guji for generations, and are known for setting up some of the large semi-forest coffee estates in the area that first put Guji on the map for quality in the early 2000's.

When Ture, Eegata, and Fedhesa set out to partner together, they knew that family, and the quality coffee their extended family was known for in Guji was going to be at the heart of their company and that they had a high bar to meet. In 2018, the idea for their company that they had been talking about came alive when they established Sookoo Coffee, and hired a great team consisting of many of their family members to run operations all around Guji and in Addis Ababa.

Sookoo means "gold" in the Afaan Oromo language, and is a small reference to the fact that the region of Odo Shakisso is very famous for its gold mining. To Ture and his partners, though the name more represents that while they are from this area famous for its mining of gold - that their gold is actually the coffee.

The first year Sookoo Coffee operated they focused their efforts in the region of Odo Shakisso. In Odo Shakisso they set up a natural processing site and worked with a few other single producers in the area to export coffees. In the 2019/2020 season, they expanded their operations to the region of Uraga in Guji and set up a second processing site in the kebele of Raro Nansebo. These two sites have focused on super clean natural processed coffees, but these two sites are not all Sookoo Coffee has in their future plans. Sookoo Coffee has already planted a medium sized farm in the sub-kebele of Okolu in Odo Shakisso, and plans on working with more farmers in Odo Shakisso, Uraga, and more areas in the future.

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