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Chelelektu washing station is named after the nearby village in the region of Yirgacheffe. This coffee is washed process Ethiopian heirloom varieties, dried on raised beds and sorted to Grade 1 specifications.

Ethiopia is blessed with great land and climate for growing coffee and it shows in the cup—intriguing complexity, floral, citrus, stone fruit, vibrant acidity, this coffee has it all! 

The Yirgacheffe region is known for producing some of the most sought-after coffees in Ethiopia. The environment is lush and steep, with much of the coffee grown at 2,000m or above. There are roughly 26 cooperatives in the region, representing over 43,000 farmers. Most of the coffeeinEthiopiaisproducedby smallholder farmers who own less than one hectare of land. Farmers deliver their coffee cherry to local wet mills for processing, and the coffee is moved through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) where importers are then able to purchase lots based on quality.

This is another washed Yirgacheffe to add to our range, but one that shows the diversity of this amazing region which holds some of the oldest plant stock in the world. 


Buying from Ethiopia continues to be a challenge. The cupping table always shows some amazing coffees; however, buying through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange continues to be difficult it you require some traceability or back story with the coffees. You have to become a detective. Good job I'm becoming quite good at spotting the clues.

This coffee comes from around 500 small holders who hand pick the cherries, and is grown at around 1850-2000 metres altitude (on average). These small holders then sell the freshly picked cherries to the Chelelektu mill, which is located in the Kochere zone just outside the town of Chelelektu.

In the cup this is lemon flavoured icing. It's so smooth and balanced in its sweetness and acidity. But it's the mouthfeel that sticks out most in the mind: it carries on and on. It's all about the texture.



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Chelelektu town, Kochere woreda, Gedeo zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region
1,800 masl

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