Guatemala El Pilar Hybrid Process

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  • Guatemala El Pilar Hybrid Process
  • Guatemala El Pilar Hybrid Process
  • Guatemala El Pilar Hybrid Process
  • Guatemala El Pilar Hybrid Process
  • Guatemala El Pilar Hybrid Process

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Comprised of a mix of Bourbon and Catuai varietals, this year’s yield (five exportable bags in total) is the result of Juan Carlos Chen’s first natural and honey hybrid experiment! Uniting these two lots into one makes the El Pilar Natural y Honey Hybrid a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and trademark flavor notes of natural processed coffee.

For the honeyed lot, Juan depulped around 400lbs of parchment, which is essentially removing the skin and pulp while leaving most of the mucilage intact. The honey process is largely used in Costa Rica but now making its way across Central America for its ability to produce a unique cup profile. The term “honey” comes from the coffee cherries sticky and slimy outer surface and as they dry, they begin to take the color of honey. Because of this of natural fermentation, coffees processed this way generally tend to have an amplified acidity than Pulped Naturals but are often found to have less acidity than washed or full natural coffees.

The second lot was processed as a natural or dry process in which Juan Carlos dried approximately 800lbs of cherries on raised African beds for a period of twelve days. This process, while seemingly simple, happens significantly slower and in a significantly drier environment. This is going to select for different microbes that will produce different secondary metabolites and will create different flavors – particularly the fermented fruit notes that natural processed coffees are known for.

In addition, the risk of losing a crop (often due to too wet conditions) is significantly lower in some of the drier microclimates that natural coffee is produced in. Thankfully, due to a high level to attention and good weather, permitted the success of both trial lots which culminated in a mix that yields both a wine-like acidity with a mouthful of strawberries and spice. For more information about processing and this coffee, visit our blog!

San Juan Sacatepequez
Bourbon, Typica
Juan Carlos Chen
1,700-1,900 MASL
Honey & Natrual Blend

All orders are roasted on Monday through Thursday and are shipped on the same day if order is received by noon on the day the order is placed, otherwise it will ship on the following day. Orders received after Thursday will be pushed to the following roast day.

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