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  • Guatemala Hunapu Guayo
  • Guatemala Hunapu Guayo
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Zelaya's Hunapu Guayo comes to us as a piece of Guatemala’s famous coffee culture: cultivation in Guatemala stretches back as far as 1850 and since become the country’s main export. Within Guatemala's Antigua, Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora (LPZZ), a fourth-generation coffee producer, manages Bella Vista, a vital coffee operation in and around their Antigua community. The Zelaya family uses their resources to not only consult local fincas but also offers them training in modern agronomy.

Though, Bella Vista doesn’t just talk the talk. Since 2000, LPZZ has utilized his wet/dry mill also to export specialty coffee. This lot of Hunapu (which translates from K’iche to “Mountain Flower)” is a bourbon medley from several small, Antigua farmer. All of which manage fincas growing between 1500 to 1800masl and not exceeding four hectares.

All the Zelaya families' community work and head knowledge manifest in their delicious Hunapu Guayo. The cup provides nuanced notes of lemon, cherry sweet-acidity that digresses to a nougat finish.
Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora
1500-1800 masl

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