Honduras Alma Pineda

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Honduras Alma Pineda

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We are excited to celebrate our 5th harvest season of purchasing coffee from Honduran producer, Alma Pineda. Alma’s coffee has become a staff favorite. With radiant acidity and complex sweetness, this washed Paraneima variety lot is demonstrating flavors of Pineapple, Star Anise, and Rose Hips. 

Our buying relationship with Alma stems back to the 2017 harvest, when our dear friend Benjamin Paz introduced us to her. Alma’s husband Evin Moreno is a renowned producer who operates La Montanita in El Cedral and is also part of the larger Moreno family, who are by way of their experience and network, among the very best producers in Honduras, many of which have won titles in the Honduras Cup of Excellence. 

At Alma’s Farm, La Sierra, they decided to cultivate the Paraneima Variety which was first brought to Honduras in 2010 and made available to producers by IHCAFE, the Honduran national coffee institute. This hybridized variety is resistant to Roya (coffee leaf rust) and nematode infestations and has become very popular among Honduran coffee growers because this hybrid vigor is matched with a cup profile that is high in acidity and sweetness. These Paraneima trees were planted at La Sierra in 2014 and Metric purchased the first harvest of this lot in 2017. After 5 years of visiting their home and bearing witness of their systems or proper protocols and above fair payment to pickers, it is easy to see why they manage to be consistent on the quality front.

We are proud to support the growth and continual improvement of Alma’s farm and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.