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Honduras La Comunión

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The spark behind La Comunión was born out of a visit with one of my favorite producing groups in Colombia, who’s pickers project (Los Recolectores) is lead by our friends at Azahar Coffee with a simple mission; to pay small holders microlot pricing for their community blend. This program incentivizes small holders to take a % of their profits to pay higher daily rates to pickers, in this case, their neighbors in order to chiefly, adequately pay pickers for their hard work along with maintaining a high level of quality along the picking and processing end. After several years of baring witness of the direct impact this program has had in this community, it became all the clearer to us of the importance that we can make. 

With that in mind, I connected with my good friend, Benjamin Paz, whom we’ve had a great relationship since 2015-16 harvest to help us create a Santa Barbara Blender project with a group of producers already in our fold. The result was La Comunion, a new project which focuses out efforts with 3 of our producing partners; Alma Pineda, Dionisio Rivera & Cecilio Aguilar which gives us the ability to purchase their crops in their entirety while also ensuring a minimum price paid to the producer of $4.00 F.O.B 

For Metric, the goal of La Comunion is multi-faceted. Bulking coffees from producers we work with allowed us to purchase their entire crop, guaranteed a higher premium with the understanding that the increase in pay will result in better pay to the picker without diluting their earnings. On the flavor-side, this project allowed us to craft a regional blend based on variety and processing with a result that is unique in our line up of Honduran Coffees and new crowd favorite here at Metric.  

About the coffees:

La Comunión Blend is comprised of Paraneima, Catuai & Bourbon and also a mix of 70% washed coffees along with 30% honey pacas and a dash of anearobic gives La Comunion an incredibly sweet, clean and vibrant experience due to the exceptional work of our partners, variety and process think- pink starburst, lime, honey and melon. In the scope of coffee in Honduras, Santa Barbara consistently garners top honors at the Cup of Excellence competition which I believe is a result of not just your usual suspects (quality picking, sorting, milling, drying etc) but also the educational generosity of successful & innovative producers handing knowledge to their neighbors in the hopes of refining their coffees and earn a better farm-gate price. None of this would be possible without our export partners, Benjamin Paz and his company Beneficio San Vicente; a family-run dry milling & exporter, Benjamin and family have a direct hand in assisting most of the quality producers in this region, which is why, on the lab and dry-milling end, we couldn’t have better partners in the supply chain in Honduras than Beneficio San Vicente. 

Attention: Honduras has been hit multiple times by hurricanes and storms recently and the destruction is widespread. With this, we are going to be donating $1 from every bag sold in the cafe and online. 

In addition, we will be redirecting the QR code on the back of the bag to a Gofundme to help support the coffee growers affected by this natural disaster.

Here's the go fund me link.

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