Panama Lamastus ASD Geisha - click for roast schedule info


Panama Lamastus ASD Geisha - click for roast schedule info

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This lot was processed using a method called Anaerobic Slow Dry (ASD) in which fresh cherries are added to fermentation tanks for 120 hours before being laid on raised beds to dry slowly over the course of 5 weeks (compared to the standard drying time of 10-14 days). This slow drying yields a very complex cup with a radiant acidity, syrupy sweetness and tropical fruit notes. We seldom taste coffees that have seen this amount of fermentation that retain such a clean overall flavor experience. 

This cup is dynamic. When evaluating the quality of a coffee’s flavor, we look for specificity, intensity and complexity. As you drink this coffee, you will experience an array of flavors like concord grape, cranberry, lime, white grapefruit, and orange blossom moving in and out of the picture. This coffee unfolds like a kaleidoscope with each sip bringing a new experience.

For seekers of the world’s most interesting and rare coffees, Panama’s Elida Estate continues to find itself at the top of the list. At the turn of the 20th century, Robert Lamastus moved from the US to Panama and started a coffee plantation on the slopes of the Baru Volcano in Boquete, a region now famous for one particular coffee variety: Gesha. For the last decade, Gesha coffees from Boquete have broken records for the highest prices paid for coffee. These coffees shine with tropical fruit and floral notes. We are very excited to be able to offer a limited amount of Elida Estate Gesha this season. 

Region: Boquete

Altitude: 1,700 - 2,500

Process: Anaerobic Slow Dry

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