February 17, 2020 Posted by

Friends of Metric: Bow & Hammer

We're driven by partnering with like-minded creators. Whether at origin back or home in Chicago, we're always looking to connect with other humans who are trying something new and fun:


Bow & Hammer is one of those partnerships we love. They're a unique chamber duo specializing in playing and modernizing early 20th-century pieces of chamber music. [We're all about merging classical tools with the contemporary, i.e. our restoration of Black Diamond (our vintage ProBat roaster) that we roast all our small batches on]. With Bow & Hammer, we developed a custom blend of coffee that perfectly pairs with [& fuels] their style. A style that photographer Joseph Gruenthal recently captured for us in the photoblog below; enjoy!


Also, we're excited to partner with them as they giveaway a bag of Bow & Hammer Blend as well as tickets to their upcoming Industry Night [2.25.20]. Check out their Instagram for details on how to enter!