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Join us in Welcoming to the Stage...Kenya Muthunzuuni Peaberry and Kenya Mukuyuni AA!


One region of coffeelands has been striving to find answers to questions both producers and consumers have been asking for years: How can we continue growing sustainable, disease-resistant varietals of coffee? And how can we grow such a coffee that tastes great?

Enter Kenya.

Kenyan coffees have an extremely unique place in the world of coffee. Many coffees coming out of this nation have been intentionally developed in laboratories, and introduced into the ideal climate and elevation that Kenya offers. This advantage combined with extremely rigorous washing processes makes Kenyan coffee some of the highest quality beans that money can buy.

That’s why we at Metric are so excited to announce our new arrivals hailing from this incredible country: The Kenya Muthunzuuni Peaberry and the Kenya Mukuyuni AA are both grown between 1700-1850 masl, and undergo the Kenyan specialty processing of a double fermentation method and raised drying beds. The result is a relentlessly clean and crisp cup.

We have selected two very different representations of excellent quality Kenyan coffee. The Kenya Muthunzuuni Peaberry presents an elegant combination of pineapple, stone fruit and floral qualities with a bright, juicy flow. The Kenya Mukuyuni AA pops with citric acidity melding into sweet, black currant flavors.

These two coffees pass through the Mukuyuni Cooperative Society, an established coop that serves 1,512 coffee farmers in Kenya. Located in central Kenya in the Murang’a county, this coop shares resources, quality control measures, as well as profits. Because of this free exchange of ideas and high standard of meticulous processing, the coffee coming out of there is of a particularly outstanding quality. We are very excited to be featuring these two outstanding coffees this season. This is a brand new coffee to our menu, and is just now available for retail online. Soon, we’ll be rolling out one or both of these into the shop over at 2021 West Fulton. Swing by to pick up a bag to brew up at home or snag a hot, fresh cup to enjoy on the go.