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Mi Tocaya Antojeria + Metric Coffee = A Combo Worth Craving

Antojos are things that you crave. And things that you crave normally are things that are important to you. Like your mom’s cooking, or your dad’s cooking, or your tia’s cooking. Things that are nostalgic.”

Chef Diana Davila, Chef/Owner of Mi Tocaya Antojeria

There’s a mystical quality in certain dishes. Some foods whisper something familiar to our souls, and Chef Diana Davila hears every word.The acclaimed chef opened her new space Mi Tocaya Antojeria March 15, and has had many Chicago foodies buzzing with electric anticipation. Chef Diana took some time (as she simultaneously trained a kitchenfull of cooks) to talk about how Mi Tocaya Antojeria came about, and what we can expect out of this Logan Square establishment. The short answer? A lot of heart.

“I almost feel like Mi Tocaya is an alter ego of mine. I’ll have my personal life, and then my professional life...I really get to bring all of those parts of me together here.”

Mi Tocaya Antojeria is a place where every piece of furniture, art, and décor says something real. From clay fixtures, bright colors, and cacti that hearken to Chef Diana’sself-described “obsession with Mexican culture,”to the vivid, engaging painting from local artist Jason Brammer that brings authentic Chicago into the space, together, these worlds meld into one cohesive home.

Mi Tocaya has racked up impressive reviews in just a few weeks. Zagat rated Mi Tocaya as one of the “13 Most Anticipated Chicago Restaurants of 2017,” the Chicago Eater and Chicago Tribune have been quick to pick up Chef Diana’s story behind herself and her new restaurant. It seems clear that this place is bound to become a destination for local foodies. Reservations are accepted, however Chef Diana plans to keep seats available for walk-ins as well.

“I want the neighborhood there,” she says.

It’s remarkable to see this acclaimed chef so committed to the community, but it’s simply because that is who she is—a part of the community. Being local means supporting local, and that’s part of what unites Metric Coffee and Mi Tocaya Antojeria. We’d be remiss if we failed to mention how excited and honored we are to be providing coffee for Mi Tocaya.

“Coffee is another thing that’s always fascinated me. All the hands that are involved in coffee. All the circumstances, all the people,” says Chef Diana.

Many restaurants consider coffee an afterthought, but more and more, intentional chefs like Chef Diana are elevating their coffee menu in terms of expectations and quality.

“I like to really taste the coffee on the fruity side. Stronger is not better. I wanted to taste the actual coffee, so that’s why I really liked Metric. We were really involved in cuppings…they were really kind of bringing to life what the coffee bean wanted to be.”


The things that you crave are often things that are important to you.Whether that’s incredible food, a good cup of coffee, or the feeling of being home, Mi Tocaya is a place where everyone can everyone can satisfy the purestof their heart’s content.