October 10, 2016 Posted by Metric Coffee

The Long-Awaited Opening of Metric West Fulton

As some of you may or may not know, Metric Coffee was truly born in a Humboldt Park garage back in 2012 in a room where the only visible sunlight crept through the cracks on the cement walls. There, we managed to tinker and experiment with our roasts and dream of the day when we could finally share the experience from seed to cup. Now three years later, we have ten full time employees and our first café is opening. The day has finally come.  Of course, like the many hurdles we faced since the beginning, opening a café was not among the easiest of them. After jumping every imaginable hoop to get the permits, Darko pooled together some talented human beings that all collaborated to make Metric West Fulton a reality. 

We want to publicly thank Mr. Brent Norsman from Norsman Architects for the design, Mr. Josh Truman for the amazing build out and Mr. Nikola Zlatkovic for all the electrical work. These guys, among the group of plumbers, carpenters and general contractors that are all close friends of Metric have brought our dream into fruition and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Our team has been working all hours in prepping everything down to the wire and we look forward to serving not only our neighboring community but also the general public at large. For us, Metric West Fulton is a twofold mission: To serve fresh roasted coffees to our community and to use our café as a training center for all things coffee.

Now in the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a schedule for tastings, cuppings, and other educational opportunities. Seats are limited, so we encourage signing up in advance and keeping in touch with us through our website and social media. Here are some things you can expect:

                                               Public tastings:

We are always excited to share what is new, different, and special to us. Our tastings are open to the public, and showcase some of the unique coffees we have to offer. Bring friends, drink coffee. What could be better?


Cuppings allow us to unlock the secrets of each coffee by tasting them side by side. What was once a glorious thunderclap of flavor can be newly sensed as a gentle symphony of subtle aromas, hidden notes, unusual flavors. Practice makes palates, which is why we offer cuppings to everybody from coffee connoisseurs to those with newly sparked interest in coffee.


We are supported by people who care about coffee and recognize the delicacy of each cup.  Each coffee contains a timeline rich in history that relies on an ongoing exchange of ideas and theory. Without this exchange, it's easy to lose sight of the mystical art and science that we're passionate about.  Because of this, we've developed an education system that will include ongoing training for our wholesale partners along with classes and workshops which will be open to the public.  Whether you're completely new to specialty coffee or a seasoned enthusiast, we are offering support to help keep the world of coffee fun and inviting. Stay tuned for a menu of educational offerings.

We’ve been working towards the goal of opening this incredible space for a long time, and we are very excited to have our doors open at last. We hope you’ll stop in for a visit.