June 11, 2015 Posted by Metric Coffee


The saddest thing that ever happened to restaurant coffee is that it became an afterthought.Well, we think highly of it, drink a lot of it, and choose to source and serve it in a way that would make the best coffee houses in America proud. This is, after all, fine dining.

We’d like to end the evening on a bright note, not a bitter one.


The statement above comes directly from the Canlis mission statement about their coffee program at their restaurant. Throughout my years of pondering on coffee in the culinary world and why it's often not a great experience, i am encouraged to see folks doing amazing food, offer exceptional service and care about every single item in their beverage program, which includes coffee. 

This past Monday, i (Xavier Alexander) and Metric Coffee were honored by Starchefs in their Artisan Category for the 2015 Rising Stars. This is a great honor for me because i now know have a better understanding that while much of the culinary world is still behind on coffee, there are folks making great advancements in the sourcing of quality coffee for their restaurants.

Still, being a part of such a culinary food-centric event that added coffee in its artisan speaks volumes on the culinary industries views on Specialty Coffee. All of the folks i spoke with were genuinely excited for us, and furthermore, all happened to really enjoy coffee which made our presence there all the more enjoyable. I can't thank enough all of the wonderful people involved with the event and  would love to encourage the restaurant community to make it their mission to work with quality purveyors, whoever that might be to you. We have an abundance of amazing coffee roasters who skillfully source and roast the best coffees to help you make your entire food and beverage menu truly complete.