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David Flores Lot #1

Years ago David Flores’ grandparents moved from the southern, Andean area of Cajamarca north, settling near the San Ignacio region. They established a little pocket of their own where they raised livestock and various crops. Now, remaining in the secluded Diamante, David Flores continues the family trade established generations ago. At only 24, David upholds traditions on his remote, six-hectare farm, El Morito. In our second year sourcing from El Morito, we're once again enthusiastically impressed by David’s ambitious craft and crop.

While the majority of his contemporaries leave farming and moving to various cities, David is a proven exception who meticulously and proudly tends to his yellow caturra and typica coffee shrubs. “I want to be the world’s best,” Flores shared with Xavier on Metric’s last visit to David’s boutique set-up. There, David practices organic-like farming (along with his neighboring farmers) for long-term preservation of the surrounding Amazonia. Flores’ coffee is handpicked and fully washed through a process that yields just 1600 lbs in 7 days.

This first lot from Flores is 100% yellow caturra. Due to elongated fermentation time, Lot #1 possesses a juicy lushness that comes through with an almost honey-process profile. Round, rich cream soda leads the sweet cup with some mango pop and roasted almond body.

Try David's coffee, here.