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Kigwandi Coffee Factory

With the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kenya in the backdrop, our second lot for Kenya Kigwandi (AA) originates in the breathtaking southern Kenya county of Nyeri. Kigwandi is a product of Kigwandi Coffee Factory. But perhaps more significantly, KCF is an extension of Mutheka Farmer Cooperative which brings the work of nearly 6,000 talented, small farmers together.

Like the cooperative itself, Kigwandi AA is a dialogue of many voices coming together making something singular and beautiful. Consisting of SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, & Batian varietals, Kigwandi’s various components were grown and tended to at 1,600 masl in red volcanic soil. The cooperative, then, took the cherries through a fully washed processing to produce a high-quality coffee that adds to Nyeri's quality reputation.

Kigwandi AA displays its picturesque, snow-capped home in the cup. With a slight, traditional Kenya grapefruit, Kigwandi seamlessly rounds into plum and clove sweetness for a delightfully nuanced coffee.

Try Kigwandi AA, here.