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Proyecto Cabañas

Honduras' La Paz is a municipality known for coffee, and Proyecto Cabañas brings three talented producers from this storied coffee community together. Arranged by Juan Contreras (a collaborator of the acclaimed Honduras producer Benjamin Paz [above]), this Proyecto Cabañas is a project consisting of fully naturally processed coffees.

Naturally processed, the coffee cherry seeds (the beans) were taken from the cherry and laid out, without washing, to dry on raised beds. By not washing the beans after removal, the remaining fruit (mucilage) coats and dries onto the coffee; this develops a natural fruit forward flavor turning these Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai seeds into fruit candies of a coffee.

On queue, bright watermelon candy and black grape sweetness dominate Proyecto Cabañas. A mild grapefruit zest adds slight herbal bitterness for balance. The cup overall showcases how a consistent and practiced natural process yields a coffee of unique beauty.

Try Proyecto Cabañas, here.