February 27, 2019 Posted by

Nelson Chaves

Nelson Chaves' estate, La Esperanza, consists mostly of three thriving coffee plots in the sunbaked Andes mountains. From the vantage of his steep hillsides, the municipality of Yacuanquer seemingly stretches endlessly. It's easy to see why Nelson, who also grew up here, looked out as a child yearning to explore. Sharing his story with us, at the age of fourteen, he left the hills on a walkabout working on various farms along the Colombian countryside and cities. After four years, Nelson returned to this same picturesque land to continue the family trade, where he now harvests corn and livestock alongside his coffee all directly adjacent to his father's farm.

Nelson’s coffees which are primarily Caturra & Castillo varietals grow at 2150 meters above sea level. Upon ripening, he and a small-group pickers pluck the cherries, that then undergo a traditional twenty to twenty-five-hour fermentation, followed by a full washing and concluded with fifteen days on raised drying beds. Nelson’s combined knowledge of this land and his continuously evolving harvest strategies have brought him local acclaim.

Now entering our third year working with Nelson, his coffee continues to live up to its acclaim. This most recent lot of eighty-five percent Caturra and fifteen percent Castillo is lush with radiant flavors; orange zest and raspberry tea flavor pop immediately as delicate rosehips add floral nuance. 

Try Nelson's coffee, here.