Metric is a collection of people, stories and places all centered around coffee. We source from established partners, pay high premiums and publish transparency reports to offer real full-spectrum equity. The future of coffee depends on it.

Our Philosophy

We are inspired by doing good and achieving excellence at every corner. Since day one, our philosophy has been twofold: quality coffee and people over profit.

We spend a few months out of the year visiting producers during harvest to witness production, explore farms and connect the pieces to bring home quality coffee that we are proud to serve. Our commitment to people comes from sourcing coffee that is tied to a sustainable income. For producers, this means that after the cost of production, they are able to make a profit and reinvest it in their land, healthcare and family needs. For our staff in Chicago, it means competitive wages, health insurance and paid time off. Anything that involves people and coffee — we breathe, live and own it.

Metric’s History

Chicago, 2012. It began over late-night beer and tacos in Wicker Park. We had both been working in the coffee industry for several years, but felt it was time to run a company of our own. We didn't have money, much less equipment, but we had visions of developing meaningful relationships with coffee producers, establishing a solid roasting program, and building the café of our dreams.

In March of 2013, we found a space in Chicago's West Fulton neighborhood and officially launched Metric as a wholesaler and online retailer. In the years since, we've grown organically into a roaster and retailer with a strong emphasis on sourcing, quality roasting, and service.

Today, Metric employs a small staff of coffee professionals dedicated to quality engagements, education and authenticity.

Sourcing for Happiness

We currently work with five countries, each with their own unique coffee, people and stories. Focusing on a smaller range of countries allows us to grow each relationship intentionally, adding value to the way we buy from each producing partner. As we grow, we continue to explore new countries and partnerships that align with our values. This, we believe, is paramount to a bona fide sourcing program.

To learn more about our sourcing process, check out Source Code, our publication about industry transparency.


As a follow up to our Source Code publication, each week we interview other industry professionals to discuss sourcing, sustainability, and transparency in the specialty coffee industry.


Available on your preferred listening platform.

Best Practices

Quality is paramount to the success of our company.Beyond green quality, our focus is on roast quality- channeling each release into our own roast gradient- Radiant for light, Balanced for Medium and Classic for Dark. Our two final points of quality are- our cafe and at home.


Sourcing is at the heart of Metric. Each release begins with a conversation, which often leads to a farm visit, a hand-shake and a conversation rooted in quality, dignity and equity. We achieve this by establishing long standing, year over year buying commitments; a fundamental principle of the Direct Trade model which takes into account Environmental, Social and Economic impact of a sustainable income.


Metric, as a brand celebrates diversity, inclusivity and culture. The Metric family is a diverse crew of humans from different walks of life, all joined together by their passion for quality coffee and service. Everyone from the sourcing & roasting team to production and our cafe baristas are committed to our mission to Champion quality and authenticity.

Metric is 100% self funded Chicago based C Corp—no board, no suits and no creamer.

Transparency & Equity

Our commitment as a company is to publish transparency with data collected from our partners at Origin. For Metric, providing this information means a stronger sense of just how where you’re spending your money. We achieve this by requiring all of our interiderary partners to produce reports that break down all of the associated costs in order to ensure the price our partners are paid is of great financial benefit.

To learn more, read our transparency report.

Made By Humans

We endeavour to visit, cup, approve, import, roast and serve the finest coffees of the season, working with established and knowledgeable coffee growers to bring you the very best this season has to offer.

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