We currently work with eight countries, each with their own unique coffee, stories, and people.

Focusing on a smaller range
of countries allows us to
grow each relationship
intentionally, adding value
to the way we buy from each
producing partner.
As we grow, we continue to
explore new countries and
partnerships that align with
our values. This, we believe,
is paramount to a bona fide
sourcing program.

Transparency report

In our efforts to champion quality, transparency and sustainability we have gathered data from our 22/23 green coffee purchasing and are now making it available for your review.

As Coffee Roasters, we have the power to both pay a menial or meaningful price for your morning cup and this document is our effort in inviting you to take part in this very important conversation.

Why Is Coffee So Expensive?

Back in January, our Co-Founder Xavier Alexander and Roasting Manager Hara Kumaran took part in a piece for Business Insider in a series called “So Expensive” where both Xavier and Hara cover the topic of Roasting and Sustainability in the coffee industry.

As most of you may have noticed, industry wide, coffee prices have surged (and continue to do so) without much context as to why it’s “So Expensive” and this piece does a wonderful job of explaining not only how the supply chain works but also how special coffee roasters value real trade equity and transparency in the supply chain.

For Metric, outside of our goal to sourcing, roasting and delivering quality coffee, our aim is to ensure that the small coffee farmers that we work with earn the premiums needed to be viable and stay working in coffee for years to come.