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Coffee Wherever You Need

We’re excited to offer you radiant coffee anywhere and almost any way: from a full-service, mobile espresso set-up to cups of hot- and cold-brewed coffee. With a variety of offerings– all customizable,* we’ve got a menu of fresh-roasted, seasonal coffees to fit you event! Drop us a line in the contact box for rates and complete details and checkout below for some ideas to get the ideas flowing:

Just Coffee^
You can choose from any single-origin or blend for pick-up or to be delivered** fresh after brewing at our Metric West Fulton Café. Need fixings: cream, cups, sugar? We can take care of those! Rather us brew on-site? We’re happy to come hang out too! We can staff your event with a Metric barista (minimum of 2-hours) who’ll set-up shop and continually brew fresh coffee to make sure your caffeinated needs are squared away.

Some Like it Iced
Want to add cold brew options? Our sister company, Hellion Cold Brew offers both bottles and cans of their Classic and Single Origin variant, Rabble-Rouser, for single-serve convenience. Inviting all your friends? We also offer hourly kegerator rentals (minimum of two kegs) that’ll give you 10 gallons of Classic, Rabble Rouser, and/or Nitro cold brew.

The Motherload
The coffee service of all services. We can roll in with a full-service espresso machine with our Quantum espresso (+ milk and alternatives), batch brewer, pour-overs, and hellion for a full Metric experience. Priced according to the menu and exact services, we’ll work with you to provide the coffee and staff (for a minimum of 5 hours) that’ll make your event have the highest quality coffee– no matter the venue.

Lead Time
We require 48-hour notice for drip and cold brew packages. For events needing staffing and on-site brewing, we ask for 3-weeks of lead time ensuring we can fully take care of your event's menu and preparation.

To qualify for delivery, your order must meet a minimum of 3-Gallons of drip (or equivalent) and your order will accrue a delivery fee incurred by the customer (15 dollars: 1 mile). Our delivery area is limited to a 3-mile radius from downtown Chicago.

*Custom Label
Interested in having a one-off blend with a custom label for your event or as a party favors for your guest? Our in-house design team is happy to collaborate with your designer or create a beautiful design that highlights your event to punctuate the perfect weddings, conventions and birthday parties.

^For orders under 3-Gallons, contact our #metricwestfulton cafe

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