January 29, 2017 Posted by Metric Coffee


Growing up, owning a pair of Vans and a skate deck meant automatic acceptance and inclusion in to a world where the streets became your classroom and the pavement becomes your teacher. Dozens of scars and gallons of sweat were spilled on the streets, and my classic Old Skool high top were with me every step of the way, taking a beating until the very last thread. It's funny how a shoe can elicit memories of my youth, but what I am mostly fond of isn't so much as the shoe, but more that the spirited youth that called the streets their home made Vans the brand that represent that spirited. Having a pair meant that you automatically "get" the other person wearing a pair. You belonged to a club where sexual orientation, religion or color mattered not. What mattered is the freedom of expression and for my personally, these shoes where my calling card. 

So when the opportunity came for us to make a special blend for our friends at the House of Vans, we created the "Off the Wall" blend as limited release (Staff Only blend) to celebrate the grand opening of their Chicago location and to welcome them to the neighborhood. For us here at Metric, we are not only big fans of the famous footware company, but also found ourselves telling our stories of what the shoe company meant to us in our days of youth. 

Check out their Grand Opening party on Friday February 3rd with Future Islands, Digable Planets & No Name. You can RSVP here to get your free tickets.


Note: The "Off the Wall" blend is not available for sale.