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A Midwest Kitchen, Making Dreams Come True

When it comes to starting a business, there are a million factors, obstacles, legal hoops, and other logistics to wade through. For people who simply love their craft and want to get their product out in the great wide world, these can seem insurmountable. Making it much, much easier is A Midwest Kitchen. For artisans without a retail space like a café or restaurant, A Midwest Kitchen provides an invaluable service: a space to create. We are very happy to have Metric Coffee featured in this space because it stands for so many things we believe in: supporting local artisans, starting from scratch, and participating within the community.

“We realized that it’s hard to get your own place when you’re just starting out…This is a way to support other small businesses, by helping to have an incubator in how to start your business model, and by a pooling of resources so people can eventually get their own places,” says Chris Cox, Director of A Midwest Kitchen, a family-owned business.


This shared kitchen space currently features two local bakers, cookie-crafters known as Butter Bella, and the vegan-friendly Bad Day Donuts. As spring rolls around and farmers markets kick in, this space is bound to fill up fast. It’s not always easy to build up your dreams, but having resources like a fully dressed workspace as well as a support system that that is fostered within spaces like this is enviable, unique, and beautiful.

“Outside of seeing customers, the best part is working with staff to collaborate on menu items, recipe testing, and local vendor outreach,” say Chris. 


Located at 5740 N. Milwaukee (northwest Chicago in Gladstone Park), A Midwest Kitchen is now turning more focus on building a presence in the neighborhood. Sidewalk seating is in the future, and a walk-up window that provides some baked goods created within as well as Metric coffee has become a pleasant go-to for many locals.

For anyone who finds themselves looking to share a fully dressed kitchen workspace for specific projects or starting up a business, they can inquire via email to ChicagoAMK@gmail.ccom. Check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see and read more about the magic that’s cooking up in this space.