November 03, 2017 Posted by

Metric Coffee Partnering with Beans for Puerto Rico

When unfathomable destruction is faced in every direction, when over two-thirds of Puerto Ricans still have no electricity, when infrastructure has been compromised, when wells have been contaminated…how can something like coffee possibly matter?

The answer is: at least a little, and maybe a lot. And when it comes to the question of what one company can do to help friends and neighbors back in Puerto Rico, the answer is the same: at least a little, and maybe a lot. That’s why Metric Coffee is proud to be participating in program called Beans for Puerto Rico, which is accepting donations of roasted coffee and sending them to local cafes that have been impacted by Hurricane Maria.

The hurricane destroyed over 75% of Puerto Rico’s agricultural land, of which coffee production is a significant portion. Puerto Ricans have a robust relationship with not only growing, but enjoying coffee—in fact, much of what is grown on the island is consumed by the population. 

Many farmers own cafes that they sell their coffee out of. But the hurricane hit before the harvest, wiping out years and years of hard work and leaving their cafes without stock. So what small roasters like Máquina Coffee Roasters, Bar La Penúltima, Café Comunión, Café Regina, and Metric Coffee can do is keep some doors open, restore just a small bit of normality, and help people enjoy a few moments together over something familiar and good. Because that truly does matter.

There are so many ways to help hurricane victims and support the rebuilding of Puerto Rico. Besides donating part of our profits, Metric Coffee has committed to donating 40lbs of coffee so far, and likely more as the program continues. If you’re connected with a coffee roasting company that would like to participate as well, check out the link here to sign up. Help at least a little, and if possible, a lot.