Destination Unknown

When it comes to sourcing, we find not only exceptional coffee, but exceptional farmers. These are our partners, the incredible humans who make that final product possible, from crop to crop, year after year. When we find these people, our goal is not to just celebrate their coffee, but to celebrate a relationship. Whether it is a third-generation coffee producer in Peru, an established co-op in Ethiopia, or an up-and-coming farmer in Colombia starting out small, our focus is on finding people we can trust and collaborate with. Every coffee bean starts off as a cherry-picked off the tree by a human hand.

This is part of what “Made by Humans” means to us. For us, good sourcing comes down to humans who care at each step of the way, and we want to meet those humans. So that’s why we travel to site, spend time on the farm, and talk with producers in person. It’s part of what keeps our spark ignited, this human connection. Because what we do simply isn’t possible without good people on the other end, and we are proud to earn trust and build positive relationships around the world.  And when we return to Chicago, we get to be proud of the coffee we have chosen. We know where it came from, we know it will be stunning, and we know the people in our own community will love it, too. Check out the blog to read more about our trips to origin and some of our amazing local partners.