Big Riff

Medium Roast Blend

Big Riff

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Big Riff is our slightly darker take on a medium roast. It’s sweet, creamy and perfectly balanced. Have it in the morning, as your aperitif, for dessert or any time of day. We don’t make your rules. Our vision behind Big Riff is to offer a roast with a little more development that highlights the coffees dried fruit and plum notes. It is the perfect option for espresso but also a well-rounded drip offering.


These coffees greet you “with arms wide open.” They’ll stay level if you’re a cream-and-sugar type or if you prefer your coffee straight-up. Like the north star, whichever way you wander, these coffees will never lead you astray. It’s all in the name; these coffees balance a round milk chocolate backbone and a hint of nuttiness that is undeniably comfortable and crushable.